November 2012

Grenoble Institute of Technology graduation attended by prestigious guests

The Grenoble Institute of Technology class of 2011 graduation ceremony, held on November 24, 2012, counted numerous high-profile guests among its ranks, including French Minister of Research and Higher Education Geneviève Fioraso and Gérard Matheron, Manager of the STMicroelectronics site at Crolles and class of 2011 sponsor. Representatives from the school’s corporate partners were also present.
Some 500 people attended the ceremony, which was coordinated by Grenoble Institute of Technology President Brigitte Plateau. The event also included talks by representatives of each of the Institute’s degree programs (including continuing and executive education) and six engineering schools, to highlight the numerous programs on offer and the vast array of career options available to graduates..


June 2012

An American summer in store for MINATEC

This summer, ten students from the US will spend 10 to 12 weeks studying micro and nanotechnology at LMGP, INAC, ARC-Nucléart, and ESRF during the MINATEC Summer Program between Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma, the University of Pennsylvania, and Louisiana State University. In addition to their weekly classes, they will also be able to join Nanotechnology Summer School students in a host of related activities.
In 2012 the exchange students can look forward to a new conference being put on by the US consulate in Lyon and other members of the Franco-American community in the Rhône-Alpes region. This event, scheduled for June 7−8, 2012, will include two lectures—one by a French speaker and one by an American—poster sessions, and a panel discussion on French-American exchange programs.

Nanotechnology Summer School plans to welcome 40 students

A cohort of 40 international undergraduate students—selected from more than 200 applicants—will be attending the third Nanotechnology Summer School in Grenoble from June 4 to July 6, 2012. This newly-accredited “Erasmus Intensive Program” is sponsored by Grenoble Institute of Technology, EPFL, and Politecnico di Torino, and aims to both introduce students to nanotechnology and promote the schools’ joint International Master’s in Nanotechnology program.
In addition to science classes, lab sessions at CIME-Nanotech, and tours of the MINATEC, ESRF, Institut Néel, Lausanne, and Turin campuses, the Summer School will also include a weekend excursion to the nearby Vercors mountain range, complete with sightseeing and a wine-tasting party. 

Grenoble Institute of Technology gets its first female President

Brigitte Plateau will succeed Paul Jacquet as President of Grenoble Institute of Technology. Ms. Plateau was appointed on February 20, 2012 by the newly-elected members of the three boards governing the school: the Board of Directors, the Scientific Board, and the Academic Affairs and Campus Life Board. One of her top priorities will be to give the school’s teaching and research activities a broader international scope.
A graduate of France’s prestigious École Normale Supérieure, Ms. Plateau holds a teaching degree in mathematics and a PhD in informatics. She serves as a university professor and in 2007 set up the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory (LIG), which today counts nearly 500 researchers. In late 2010 Ms. Plateau was named Director of Grenoble Institute of Technology-Ensimag. Her appointment as President of Grenoble Institute of Technology marks the first time a woman has led the institution since it was founded nearly a century ago. 


February 2012

High Tech U expands this year

STMicroelectronics, Soitec, and Grenoble Institute of Technology introduced a European version of the US educational program SEMI High Tech U back in 2007. This year, the program will expand to include three sessions (instead of two), six partner high schools (instead of four), and slots for 108 students.
SEMI High Tech U will continue to offer students an insider’s look at potential future careers, with a full day at MINATEC (including tours of Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma, LMGP, IMEP-LHAC, and CIME Nanotech). Participating students—high-school sophomores—will learn about the semiconductor and microelectronics industries, and perhaps even discover a passion for science!
MINATEC, Leti, and Applied Materials France have joined the program this year and will help lead the various workshops offered to participating students.

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