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New nanostructured architectures for hydrogen technology

Offer N°: SL-DSM-16-1015

Start date: 1 Oct 2016

This thesis is part of the theme of new energy, in particular the hydrogen route. It aims to develop and characterize the properties of an innovative architecture based on an aligned catalyst nanotube network to reduce the amount of noble metal in the fuel cell electrodes (PEMFC) and electrolyser (PEMWE) proton exchange membrane.


Spintronics based microwave signal generation and detection

Offer N°: SL-DSM-16-0996

Start date: 1 Oct 2016

The combination of two basic spintronics concepts: the spin momentum transfer and the magneto-resistance, provide spintronic devices with a large range of functions, such as field sensing, memory, logic and microwave emission and detection.


Ball milling synthesis of magnetic particles for cancer cells destruction

Offer N°: SL-DSM-16-0994

Start date: 1 Oct 2016

The CEA/INAC SPINTEC lab offers a thesis opportunity on the synthesis, by mechanical grinding, of magnetic particles aimed at biomedical applications for targeted cancer cells killing. The approach we are developing consists in inducing apoptosis (spontaneous death) in tumor cells via vibration of magnetic nanoparticles selectively attached to the cell membrane, by applying a rotating magnetic field.


Biomimetic optical-nose development: from chemistry to artificial intelligence

Offer N°: SL-DSM-16-0983

Start date: 1 Oct 2016

Electronic noses (eNs) have emerged as promising tools for the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with potential applications in a wide range of domains such as biomedicine. However, so far, their performance is still far behind that of the human nose.

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