Van der Waals epitaxy of III-Nitrides semiconductors ((Ga, In, Al)N) on 2D crystals ((Mo,W)Se2) for optoelectronics applications

Published : 19 December 2016

Van der Waals (VdW) epitaxy is a particularly attractive method to grow crystalline materials without any requirement of lattice matching with the underlying material. Indeed, VdW epitaxy mechanisms relies on a very weak interaction between the epilayer and the substrate. While this concept is already used for the growth of two-dimensional (2D) crystals, we aim in this project to demonstrate the VdW epitaxy relationships between a well-known 3D (sp3 hydridization) semiconductor of the family of the III nitrides group ( (Ga, In, Al)N ) and a 2D crystal. The study of this 2D/3D hybrid system should allow developing new concepts of devices for optoelectronics applications dealing with colored LEDs, UV LEDs and displays. More generally, the success of this project is an intermediate but crucial step towards novel ways to fabricate complex vertical heterostructures associating epitaxial crystalline materials of very different natures (semiconductor, metal, insulator).

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