The Nanosafety Platform focuses on the protection and safety issues inherent to nanomaterial implementation. The platform approaches these issues from two angles: R&D and operational consulting, services, and training assignments. The platform’s range of activities is unique in France.




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In 2013, the platform will move into a new 5,000 square meter building that will house NanoID, a project selected to receive funding from the French government under the Equipex program, and NanoSerenade, a new laboratory of excellence. The platform will also receive €10 million in specialized equipment and supplies.

The multidisciplinary staff of 150 will bring together doctors, biologists, pharmacists, technicians, engineers, and academic researchers.

The platform’s R&D work targets

  • nanometrology for the measurement of nanoparticles in the lab, in the environment, and in biological fluids;
  • testing protective equipment to reduce employees’ exposure to nanoparticles; 
  • research on the behavior of nano products throughout their lifecycles in order to reduce consumers’ exposure to nanoparticles. 

The platform’s staff is available for operational assignments throughout France, and can provide consulting, auditing, and support with work station design, work station monitoring and detection, operator training, and risk prevention and emergency response training. The team is available 24 hours a day to respond to nanomaterial-related accidents. One of France’s leading centers for expertise in nanosafety, the platform is currently forming partnerships with manufacturers and institutions like INERIS, France’s national institute for industrial risk prevention.


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