Analysis of RTN noise in OxRAM components to understand the nature of conductive filament defects nature

Published : 13 December 2016

As the need for electronic memory increases every year, engineers face the challenge of improving the memory technology at a constant pace.

Several emerging technologies are under investigation, and OxRAM is among them.

In OxRAM the memory bit is coded within the resistance level of a thin oxyde. Applying voltage accros the stack causes the resistance to change between two values. The resitance change is linked to the formation and desruption of a thin conductive filament which is formed by several matrix defects.

The nature of these defects is still unclear. Whe the defects capture an electron the field generated by its charge modify the filament resistivity, causing the formation of a current noise. Studying this effect is a key to understand the filament nature.

The work will aim at:

1. setup a robust experimental tool to mesure the RTN nois

2. characterize OxRAM devices in order to understand the nature of the noise generation and its amplitude

3. modeling the noise, aiming at the comprehension of the nature of the defects

Various samples are available and more will be produced. Several test bench will be available to be dedicated to the RTN measurement.

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