Millimeter-wave local oscillator using silicon photonics and advanced CMOS, for high-order modulation wireless communications

Published : 13 December 2016

This Ph.D. thesis addresses the generation of local oscillator signals for RF transceivers operating at mmW frequencies (several 10ths of GHz). To enable the realization of high-order modulation wireless communications leading to higher date-rate, stringent phase noise and frequency stability are required . This Ph.D. will combine recent advances in photonics components, including silicon photonics technologies, and advanced silicon nanolectronic technologies to reach these requirements, unachievable with only CMOS circuits.

The goal of this thesis is to design and optimize a local oscillator signal with outstanding phase noise properties using a combination of optics and electronics. The system will be based upon the principle of optical heterodyning by exploiting the intermodulation of two optical wavelength spaced by an offset laying in the mmW range.

The aim is to propose innovative alternatives for the generation of a multi-wavelength optical signal with a compact structure and to place it into an opto-electronic loop in order to extract a mmW signal from the optical signal.

We are seeking for a graduated engineer or master students with knowledges about microelectronics and RFIC design, and some experience working with EM and circuit level simulation tools.

The Ph.D. thesis will be composed of a first phase of bibliographic study of the existing alternatives for the generation of multi-wavelength optical signal and the state of the of optical mmW signal generation (10% of the Ph.D work). Next some interesting topologies will be selected, designed and simulated (50%). The last part of the Ph.D. thesis will be focused in the realization of a prototype and its experimental characterization (30%) and the writing of the Ph.D. report (10%)

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