SHM by reflectometry for 2D and 3D structures

Published : 19 December 2016

Nowadays, reflectometry methods are well introduced for the diagnosis of wire networks. These methods, based on the injection of a waveform and on the measurement of the reflected wave are used to detect, characterize and localize one or more defects. However, reflectometry methods have rarely been applied to higher order structures (2D and 3D). Those methods applied on such systems are complicated to implement viewing of the little knowledge about the spread of this type of signals in such environments.

The thesis is dedicated to adapt reflectometry to the diagnostic of 2D or 3D structures. The idea is to be able to diagnostic a fault when it appears or, better yet, predict the appearance of it at the first warning signs. This adaptation/improvement of reflectometry will be done through the study of propagation media but also through the development of new signal processing algorithms and the optimization of frequency and/or waveform to use. A study to deduce the characteristics of the defect after detection may also be considered.

The candidate will have to show a particular interest in innovative technologies, research and get a strong motivation. The work will be done within an experienced team in the field of reflectometry and signal processing with which the candidate will strongly interact.

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