- December 1999

3D architecture for better imagers

Leti and List have come up with a 3D architecture for smart imagers, and the benefits over standard 2D imager architectures are staggering. The new 3D architecture is much more flexible and powerful, offers an enhanced calculation architecture, boasts an image speed of 1,000 fps with complex real-time processing, consumes far less energy, and offers a wider range of features like shape recognition, image content analysis, and zone-by-zone operation. The new architecture will target industries like security, automotive, and home automation.
Thanks to 3D stacking, digital processing is closer to pixel level and settings like exposure can be adjusted during image capture. The architecture is protected by seven patent applications (filed and pending) and the first demonstrator is expected to go to foundry in late 2012.

Contacts: arnaud.verdant@cea.fr, stephane.chevobbe@cea.fr

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