MINA-NEWS #17 - December 2011

AtMol develops novel technological objects

The European Union AtMol project on molecular electronics is spurring the development of unprecedented technological objects at Leti, including surfaces of several hundred nanometers per side on silicon substrates. These virtually-perfect surfaces (with a roughness of under 1 nm) are protected using temporary packaging. Leti is also using focused ion beam (FIB) technology to mill 40 nm nanovias spaced at 300 nm to allow for electrical contacts on the substrates.

The objects will be sent to research partners including AtMol project coordinator CEMES (a Toulouse-based CNRS lab) for integration. Ultimately the chips, which will offer vacuum levels ten million times greater than MEMS technology, will enable the electric characterization of catalogued molecular components.

Contact: aurelie.thuaire@cea.fr

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