MINA-NEWS #18 - February 2012

Bonelli’s Eagle to get tracking chip

A nature conservancy in France’s Languedoc-Roussillon region asked Leti to develop a tracker to improve monitoring of the Bonelli’s Eagle, an endangered species. The tracking chip was successfully tested on a vulture, and the miniaturized functional prototype weighs in at less than 50 grams. The tracker has its own power supply and sensors (a magnetometer and an accelerometer) to pick up information on the bird’s activity and feeding patterns, as well as a GPS tracker and radio communication capabilities for the transfer of data to a ground station near the eagle’s nest.
This summer an eagle will be outfitted with a more robust version of the tracker, which is designed to last at least a year. The tracker will help scientists better understand the bird’s habitat and behavior. This new system could eventually be used for other species.

Contact: norbert.daniele@cea.fr


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