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CEA France’s third-leading patent filer in 2011

The CEA was France’s third-leading patent filer in 2011, coming in just behind PSA Peugeot Citroën and Safran, and way ahead of other research centers like CNRS (6th) and IFP (11th). With 545 patents filed, the CEA also came in ahead of corporations like L’Oréal, EADS, Thales, Valeo, and Renault, all international leaders in their fields.
Patents are one of the cornerstones of the CEA’s technology transfer policy. Without the protection a patent provides, it would be difficult to transfer a new technology to industry without putting it at risk. Also in 2011, CEA and MINATEC labs tallied up more than 2,000 collaborative research agreements that brought in some €800 million in revenue. Also worth noting: the CEA is France’s top filer of patents via the Patent Cooperation Treaty procedure, which makes it easier to secure patent protection in several countries simultaneously.

Contact: jean-charles.guibert@cea.fr

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