MINA-NEWS #17 - December 2011

GIANT Entrepreneurship Day attracts over 200 innovators

Over 200 enterprising scientists and engineers participated in GIANT’s second-annual Entrepreneurship Day on November 22, 2011 to get insider tips on starting up a high-tech business. They attended presentations by successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business incubators like GRAIN, GRAVIT, OSEO, and CEA Essaimage. The afternoon program featured three workshops on the key stages of the start-up process: outlining a business plan; researching the target market; and obtaining financing. However, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the networking lunch, where the founders and CEOs of 25 GIANT-born start-ups chatted directly with aspiring entrepreneurs over a relaxed stand-up buffet meal. One more insider tip: don’t talk with your mouth full!

Contact: alain.briand@cea.fr

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