MINA-NEWS #17 - December 2011

Infrared retinas inspired by the human eye

Leti has achieved a world first by obtaining infrared images from a hemispheric—rather than flat—retina. This retina is based on an ultra-thin (25 to 50 micron) silicon substrate that is flexible enough to curve without folding or splitting. The 1 cm2 retina (320 x 250 pixels spaced 30µm) has a radius of 80 mm.

This breakthrough technology will make the field curvature correction lenses that flat retinas require obsolete, thereby shrinking the size of large telescopes by a third. And the reduced size will benefit other fields, as well: The new retina will likely be used in space systems, drones, and mobile telephone optics. And, as an added bonus, reducing the number of lenses also improves image quality.
Contact: manuel.fendler@cea.fr

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