- December 1999

The International Year of Chemistry extends into 2012

Some of the International Year of Chemistry activities carried out by INAC and the University of Grenoble’s Department of Molecular Pharmachemistry (a CNRS lab) have been extended into 2012, the International Year of Sustainable Development.
The Chemists Abroad program, which took chemists to 15 schools in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, has set up an exchange program between Verdun High School in Beirut and Stendhal High School in Grenoble. The Lebanese students came to CEA Grenoble in February 2012 for tours of ARC-Nucléart and INAC.
Meanwhile, INAC’s “Chemistry, a Goldmine of Energy” exhibit continues its tour this year and will be on show at the University of Grenoble campus on March 29–30, 2012 for off-site courses offered by Paris-based Collège de France.

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