MINA-NEWS #18 - February 2012

Leti offers businesses even more services

Leti’s cleanroom, characterization, and CMOS and MEMS process equipment (and the associated advanced processes) are unique in Europe. While technological resources of this caliber are in high demand among manufacturers, their cost remains prohibitive. It is not unusual for a manufacturer to need just some of the steps in a process, a prototype, or a pre-series of just a few hundred wafers. Now end users, integrators, custom wafer vendors, machine suppliers, and other manufacturers can access these services on demand via the Leti 3 S (Silicon Specialty Solutions) line-up of services.
Leti 3 S services are designed to be easy to understand and rapidly available. They also ensure a seamless interface with a company’s R&D projects. Leti is actively promoting the services, which are expected to attract many new users!

Contact: LETI-3S@cea.fr

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