MINA-NEWS #17 - December 2011

Leti releases 2010 research report

Leti has just issued its third annual research report of 2010, dedicated to silicon technologies and components. This hundred-page report includes 74 fact sheets covering eight fields; each fact sheet describes a Leti research project and lists the year’s major related publications. The report cites a total of around 200 scientific publications; however, Leti researchers actually authored more than twice that in 2010.

A printed version of the report, written in English, will be sent to some 400 corporate and academic partners, while an electronic version can be downloaded from Leti’s website. This report supplements two previous 2010 research reports (Systems & Systems Integration and Architecture & IC design, Embedded Software), and adds to Leti’s expanding list of research reports.

Contact: simon.deleonibus@cea.fr  

Download the reports at  http://goo.gl/BWuSd

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