MINA-NEWS #18 - February 2012

MEMS and biotechnology in the spotlight at CIME Nanotech

CIME Nanotech is scaling up its support for research in two new fields. The MEMS and NEMS characterization platform has logged thousands of hours of work, in particular for G2E Lab (which has a research team on-site) and TIMA. The biotechnology platform characterizes fluid MEMS, most notably for LMGP.
Integrated circuit design still accounts for a majority of the work done at CIME Nanotech, growing by a hefty 10% in 2011. Labs based in Grenoble and other cities clocked 80,000 hours on SaaS applications like Cadence, Synopsis, and Mentor Graphics—all of which are managed and maintained by three specialist engineers at CIME Nanotech.

Contact: ahmad.bsiesy@cea.fr

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