- December 1999

MINATEC start-up gets €7 million to develop 3D inkjet printing

Backed by a hefty €7 million in funding under the EU SPrinTronics project (certified by Minalogic), MINATEC-based Ceradrop aims to develop 3D inkjet printing technology to make high-added-value electronic components. Ample R&D has been done in this field, but so far none of the new technologies has been proven on an industrial scale. Thanks to this new investment, Ceradrop—a pioneer in 3D-printed electronic components—should be able to establish itself as a leader in this high-potential market by developing a reliable fabrication process that slashes production costs.
The start-up has signed on business development partners from four countries; these companies see major advantages to 3D printing for the parts that go into making their products, for applications like smart cards, electronic circuits, and solar panels. Ceradrop already has several customers in Grenoble, including Leti and INES, and works closely with IMEP-LAHC.

Contact: r_noguera@ceradrop.fr

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