MINA-NEWS #18 - February 2012

Notable number: 1,500

Leti and Sofradir have developed an infrared camera prototype capable of producing 1,500 images per second. The camera combines an ultra-fast read circuit with a retina made from an avalanche photodiode matrix offering sensitivity of 0.4 microns to 3 microns. The noise level is under 4 electrons per pixel, resulting in the highest sensitivity and read speed of any infrared camera currently available.
The prototype will be used for the optical correction of wave fronts and the monitoring of interference fringes in astrophysics. With 1,500 images per second, the camera could also be used in new applications like multiparameter imaging, including hyperspectral imaging to capture the spectral content of a given scene (e.g., for gas detection, object recognition, temperature measurement, and defect identification).

Contact: johan.rothman@cea.fr

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