- December 1999

PX’Therapeutics tackles HIV

For the past month, Grenoble-based PX’Therapeutics has been running Phase 1 clinical trials on an HIV vaccine. The trials, which are being conducted at the University of Surrey in the UK, are part of the EU’s EuroNeut-41 project involving sixteen other partners including Sanofi Pasteur. The results will be known in early 2013.
The potential vaccine, which is being tested on 48 healthy women, generates gp41 antibodies. gp41 is a protein subunit that plays a key role in enabling HIV to invade the mucous membranes and blood stream. PX’Therapeutics developed the gp41 production process and supplied the batch of proteins, and—for the first time ever—the company also provided an experienced coordinator to oversee the trials for its partners.

Contact: claireuntereiner@px-therapeutics.com

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