MINA-NEWS #17 - December 2011

Silicon photonics: Leti creates two 300-mm testers

Leti has made a major step forward in the field of optical and electro-optical measurements with two new testers for photonic components on 300-mm wafers. Until now, there was simply no tester available on the market for wafers of this diameter. Leti made the new devices by replacing the probes on two conventional testers with fiber optics. The probe holders are controlled step-by-step using motors and Leti algorithms that automatically align the probes to within a micron. The modified testers underwent several months of testing; the researchers using them are more than happy with their performance.
Several years ago Leti made similar modifications to 200-mm testers, so the lab now boasts a truly exceptional range of photonic testers, with two 200-mm testers and two 300-mm testers that are available for use by other research centers.

Contact: philippe.grosse@cea.fr

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