MINA-NEWS #17 - December 2011

Single photon sources come out of the fridge

While current semiconductor single photon sources operate at 220 K at best, researchers at INAC have achieved 300 K operation using II–IV semiconductor-based quantic boxes. The structure is made of 10-nn-diameter zinc selenium (ZnSe) nanowires, into which 3-nm- to 4-nm-thick cadmium selenium (CdSe) quantic boxes are inserted. The nanowires are grown on a zinc selenium substrate that allows accurate control of nanowire direction. With their extremely high emission rates, these devices could enable repetition frequencies of around 1 GHz. Other improvements like electric source pumping are also being examined. The research is being conducted as part of a French National Research Agency (ANR) project with Institut Néel.

Contact: kuntheak.kheng@cea.fr

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