Three times a year MINATEC and GIANT hold informative lectures as part of a series called Les Transversales. Lectures are free of charge and open to the general public.

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The high-profile speakers at these events typically come from a wide range of backgrounds, covering science and technology as well as economics, history, and the arts. The goal is to spur an enriching debate on the research done at MINATEC by bringing together people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Previous lectures:

  • Thinking about materials. New materials and new ways of looking at existing materials to design tailor-made structures. April 14, 2011. View the full program (in French). Facilitated by Professor Yves Bréchet, who has earned numerous distinctions, including the 2009 CNRS Silver Medal. Professor Bréchet was elected to the French Académie des Sciences physics and applied sciences section in 2010.
  • Science for art’s sake. How research and new technologies are contributing to conserving and restoring our cultural heritage. December 10, 2010. View the full program (in French). Facilitated by Magdeleine Clermont-Joly, lead cultural heritage officer for the French Ministry of Culture and cultural director at conservation research institute ARC-Nucléart and Catherine Lavier, CNRS researcher assigned to the French National Museum Research and Restoration Center.
  • Grenoble, city of knowledge and industry. The emergence and growth of a scientific metropolis. May 27, 2010. View the full program (in French). Facilitated by Professor Michel Soutif, faculty member at the Universities of Grenoble and Shanghai. Professor Soutif has earned the prestigious French Académie des Sciences distinction and for many years has taught the evolution of scientific thought and the history of science to history, science, and philosophy majors.
  • Sun, water, and catalysts. How chemistry is helping meet 21st-century energy challenges. March 31, 2010. View the full program (in French). Facilitated by Marc Fontecave, professor, Collège de France.
  • Grenoble, a European nanotech leader? A 90-minute overview of Europe’s leading centers for technology research. June 9, 2009. Facilitated by Philippe Laredo, research director at l'Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and faculty member at the University of Manchester. Mr. Laredo holds a business degree from HEC and a PhD in Economics.


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