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Grenoble is a city rich in art and culture thanks to its many illustrious sons. Among them: Stendhal, the author of the well known novel “The Red and the Black”; Champollion, Egyptologist and decipherer of hieroglyphics; and Vaucanson, the inventor of the modern day robot.

As the capital of the "Dauphiné", a former province, Grenoble has an exceptional geographic setting. Mountain and lake sites are remarkable for their sheer beauty dated back to Roman times. While winter season is mostly dedicated to skiing and snow pleasures, the summer and fall offer a variety of sporting activities: mountain walking, biking and hiking, rafting, canoeing, golf, tennis, etc. There are also many historical and cultural spots to be taken advantage of, for example the international Museum of Fine Arts, which deserves a visit.

Grenoble offers a wealth of opportunities for excursions and week-end extensions. On one hand, Grenoble is close to Switzerland, Chamonix Mont Blanc, Italy, and the Mediterranean “Côte d’Azur”. On the other hand, one hour drive is sufficient to reach outstanding vineyards of Côtes du Rhône, Burgundy and Beaujolais.
In 1968, Grenoble was host to the Winter Olympics, whereas in 1992 the Olympics were organized 30 minutes away (Albertville).

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