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Welcome to Infos 2011

17th Conference on "Insulating Films on Semiconductors"
21-24 June 2011 Grenoble - France

INFOS 2011 program now available here
(updated june 14, 2011)

Information for Poster Session:
Poster size: Width: 80 cm - Height: 120 cm

The INFOS conference is a prestigious biennial event which brings together electrical engineers, technologists, materials scientists, device physicists and chemists. Participants from Europe and around the world will discuss the newest developments on thin insulating films on semiconductors and identify the challenges ahead in this highly diversifying field. Following successful INFOS events in recent years − Delft (1993), Villard de Lans (1995), Stenungsund (1997), Kloster Banz (1999), Udine (2001), Barcelona (2003), Leuven (2005), Athens (2007), and Cambridge (2009) − it is now the turn of Grenoble to organize next INFOS conference in 2011 within MINATEC.

Grenoble is the capital of the French Alpes, located in a (Silicon) valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. Grenoble was host to the Winter Olympics in 1968 whereas the 1992 Olympics were organized 30 minutes away (Albertville). Grenoble hosts leading semiconductors fabs and world-class institutes and research laboratories. The Minatec innovation campus is the largest international center for micro and nanotechnologies in Europe, offering unique research expertise and technology facilities.

l conditions are met for stimulating a successful conference.
Welcome in Grenoble in June 2011!

Sorin Cristoloveanu (IMEP)  &  Gilles Reimbold  (CEA-LETI)