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INFOS 2011 accepted abstracts; alphabetical order by authors names. (download pdf file)

First name Last name Title Presentation
Christoph Adelmann Atomic-layer deposition of TaSiOx thin films as gate dielectrics for advanced semiconductor devices Poster
Valeri Afanas'ev Band offsets at the (100)GaSb/Al2O3 interface from internal electron photoemission Oral
Valeri Afanas'ev Electron spin resonance spectroscopy of defects in low-k oxide insulators (k=2.5 – 2.0) Oral
Selma Amara Duty Cycle Effect on Barrier Breakdown in MgO Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Poster
Esteve Amat CHC degradation of strained devices based on SiON and high-k gate dielectric materials Poster
Antonio Arreghini Effect of high temperature annealing on tunnel oxide properties in TANOS devices Oral
Nuria Ayala NBTI related time-dependent variability of mobility and threshold voltage in pMOSFETS and their impact on circuit performance Oral
Canan Baristiran Kaynak Single SrTiO3 and Al2O3/SrTiO3/Al2O3 based MIM capacitors: Impact of the bottom electrode material Poster
Sylvain Baudot Understanding reversal effects of metallic Aluminum  introduced in HfSiON/TiN PMOSFETs Oral
Albin Bayerl Reliability and gate conduction variability of HfO2-based MOS devices Poster
Thomas Benoist Experimental Investigation of ESD Design Window for Fully Depleted SOI N-MOSFETs Poster
Jan Felix Binder Charge trapping in substoichiometric germanium oxide Oral
T. Boutchacha Improved low frequency noise model for MOSFET operated in non-linear region Poster
Nicolas Breil Investigation of reoxidation mechanisms in nitrided tunnel oxides Poster
Laurent Breuil Optimization of gate stack parameters towards 3D-SONOS application Oral
Peter Broqvist Could valence alternation pairs affect the valence band offset at Ge/GeO2 interfaces? Poster
Pauline Calka Resistance switching in HfO2-based OxRRAM devices Poster
Yao-Chung Chang Atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 and HfO2 on GaN: a comparative study on interfaces and electrical characteristics Oral
Sungjae Chang A FinFET Memory with Remote Carrier Trapping in ONO Buried Insulator Oral
Yu-Hsing Chang Atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 on pristine Ga-rich n-GaAs(001)-4x6 surface Poster
Lun-Lun Chen MOS devices with tetragonal ZrO2 as gate dielectric formed by annealing ZrO2/Ge/ZrO2 laminate Poster
Ya-Ping Chiu Direct measurement of interfacial structure in epitaxial Gd2O3 on GaAs (100) using scanning tunneling microscopy Oral
S.J  Clark On the ESR Identification of the Oxygen Vacancy in HfO2  Oral
Gabriele Congedo Stack engineering of TANOS charge-trap Flash memory cell using high-k ZrO2 grown by ALD as charge trapping layer Oral
Alan Craven Nanoanalysis of a sub-nanometre reaction layer in a metal inserted high-k gate stack Oral
Malte Czernohorsky Influence of Metal Gate and Capping Film Stress on TANOS Cell Performance Oral
Rytis Dargis Single crystalline rare-earth-metal oxide as buried insulator layer for SOI structures Poster
Pierre Delcroix SiON and SiO2/HfSiON Gate oxides Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown measurements at Nanoscale in ultra high Vacuum Oral
Dann Dewulf Interfacial reactions of Gd- and Nb-oxide based high-k layers deposited by aqueous CSD Poster
Panagiotis Dimitrakis MIS memory capacitors with molecular beam deposited GaN QDs Poster
Eylem Durgun Özben LaScO3 as a higher-k dielectric for p-MOSFETs Oral
Amer El Hajj Diab Low-Frequency Noise in SOI Pseudo-MOSFET with Pressure Probes Poster
Mario El Kazzi 1.2 nm Capacitance Equivalent Thickness gate stacks on Si-passivated GaAs Oral
J. ElHusseini New numerical low frequency noise model for front and buried oxide trap density characterization in FDSOI MOSFETs Poster
Sivan Fadida Band alignment of Hf- Zr oxides on Al2O3\GeO2\Ge stacks Poster
Jacopo Franco On the impact of the Si passivation layer thickness on the NBTI of nanoscaled Si0.45Ge0.55 pMOSFETs Oral
Martin Frank Epitaxial strontium oxide layers on silicon for TiN/HfO2 gate stack scaling Oral
Karol Frohlich Post-deposition processing and oxygen content of TiO2-based DRAM capacitors Poster
Chung-Hao Fu Improved electrical characteristic and reliability of Ge MOSFET device with nitrided high-k gate dielectric by plasma immersion ion implantation Poster
Yuan Gao On the Dynamic NBTI of the metal/high-k gate stack p-MOSFET Oral
Xavier Garros Interface States Characterization in Heterojunction Solar Cells from CV-GV. Measurements and Modeling Oral
Ahmed Gharbi Shallow Trench Isolation based on selective formation of oxidized porous silicon Poster
Gabriella Ghidini BE-TANOS: feasibility and technology limitations Oral
Evangelos Golias Ge-related impurities in high-k oxides: carrier traps and interaction with native defects Oral
Yuri Gomeniuk Transport and interface states in high-k LaSiOx dielectric Poster
Matthias Grube Phase stabilization of sputtered strontium zirconate   Oral
J. Gyani  A Comparative 1/f Noise Study of GeOI wafers obtained by the Ge Enrichment Technique & the Smart-Cut Technology Poster
Ya-Yin Hsu A low gate leakage current and equivalent oxide thickness for MOSFET with Ti/HfO2 higher-k gate dielectric Oral
Boris Hudec Electrical properties of TiO2-based MIM capacitors deposited by TiCl4 and TTIP based atomic layer deposition processes Oral
Yury Illarionov Electron tunneling in MIS capacitorswith the MBE-grown fluoride layers on Si(111) and Ge(111) Poster
Tae-Young Jang Bi-modal BTI degradation mechanisms of metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors with La incorporated hafnium based dielectric Oral
Jae Kyeong Jeong The impact of gate dielectric materials and high pressure oxygen annealing on the photo-enhanced negative bias instability of InGaZnO TFTs Poster
Sofia Johansson Temperature and Annealing Effects on InAs Nanowire MOSFETs Poster
Pi-Chun Juan Submission title: Influence of La Substitution on the Electrical Properties of Metal-Ferroelectric (BiFeO3)-Insulator (CeO2)-Semiconductor Nonvolatile Memory Structures Poster
Seungjae Jung Resistive Switching Characteristics of Solution-processed TiOx for Next-generation Memory Application; Transparency, Flexibility, and Nano-scale Memory Feasibility Poster
K. Keunen Inherent Si dangling bond defects at the thermal (110)Si/SiO2 interface Oral
Dong-Seok Kim Performance Enhancement of GaN SB-MOSFET on Si substrate Using Two-step Growth Method Poster
Ki-Won Kim Charge Trapping and Interface Characteristics in Normally-off Al2O3/GaN-MOSFETs Poster
Daisuke Kitayama Effect of Thin Si Insertion at Metal Gate/High-k Interface on Electrical Characteristics of MOS Device with La2O3  Oral
Hannu-Pekka Komsa Identification of defect levels at In(x)Ga(1-x)As/oxide interfaces through hybrid functionals Oral
Stefano Larentis Filament diffusion model for simulating reset and retention processes in RRAM Oral
Jung-Chan Lee Study on Electrical Characteristics and Reliability of Fluorinated HfO2 for HKMG Poster
Jan Lehmann Millisecond flash-lamp annealing of LaLuO3 Poster
Yiming Li Nanosized Metal Grains Induced Electrical Characteristic Fluctuation in 16-nm-Gate High-k / Metal Gate Bulk FinFET Devices  Oral
Yiming Li Interface traps and random dopants induced characteristic fluctuations in emerging mosfets Oral
Huanglong Li Atomic bonding and disorder at Ge:GeO2 interfaces  Poster
Liang Lin Shifting Schottky Barrier Heights with Ultra-thin Dielectric layers  Oral
Li-Jung Liu Enhanced operation and retention characteristics in charge-trapping flash memory device with novel Si/Ge super-lattice channel Oral
Gerald Lucovsky Remote Plasma-Deposited GeO2 with Quartz-like Ge- and O-Local Bonding: Band Edge State Comparisons with SiO2and Si3N4 Dielectrics Oral
Gerald Lucovsky O-vacancies in transition metal oxides: coordination and local site symmetry of transition and negative ion states in TM2O3 and TMO2 oxides Poster
Mindaugas Lukosius Metal-Insulator-Metal capacitors with MOCVD grown Ce-Al-O as a dielectric Poster
John Lyons The role of oxygen native defects and impurities in HfO2 and ZrO2 Oral
Hannes Mähne The influence of crystallinity on the resistive switching behavior of TiO2 Poster
C. Martinez Initial leakage current related to extrinsic breakdown in HfO2/Al2O3 nanolaminate ALD dielectrics Oral
Eugenie Martinez Lanthanum diffusion in the TiN/LaOx/HfSiO/SiO2/Si stack Poster
Lia Masoero Defects-induced gap states in hydrogenated gamma-alumina used as blocking layer for NVM   Oral
M. Matsui Characterization of Chemical Bonding Features at Metal/GeO2 Interfaces by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Oral
Takeo Matsuki Identification of electron trap location degrading low-frequency noise and PBTI in poly-Si/HfO2/IFL gate-stacked MOSFETs Poster
Yury Matveyev Effects of biasing at elevated temperature on the chemical and electronic structure of Pt/HfO2/Si stacks Poster
Keith McKenna Grain boundary mediated leakage current in polycrystalline HfO2 films Oral
Clement  Merckling Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth and Passivation of III-Sb materials for advanced p-MOSHEMT devices Oral
Enrique Miranda Model for the leakage current decay in high-field stressed Al/HfYOx/GaAs structures Poster
Ivona Mitrovic Study of interfaces and band offsets in TiN/amorphous LaLuO3 gate stacks Oral
Mircea Modreanu Investigation of bulk defects in amorphous and crystalline HfO2 thin films Oral
Paul-Henry Morel Study of CVD Nanowire MOS structures for interconnect level devices Poster
Yasushi Nakasaki Atomic-scale theory on degradation of HfSiON gate stacks by atomic hydrogen and its interaction with oxygen vacancy and substitutional nitrogen Oral
Muhammad Adi Negara Interface state densities, low frequency noise and electron mobility in surface channel In0.53Ga0.47As n-MOSFETs with a ZrO2 gate dielectric Oral
Gang Niu Epitaxy of BaTiO3 thin film on Si (001) using a STO buffer layer for non-volatile memory applications Poster
Akiko Ohata Performance of (110) P-channel SOI-MOSFETs Fabricated by Deep-Amorphization and Solid-Phase Epitaxial Regrowth Processes Oral
Felix Palumbo Soft Breakdown in Irradiated High-K Nanolaminates Poster
M.A. Pampillón Towards metal electrode interface scavenging of rare-earth scandates: a Sc2O3 and Gd2O3 study Poster
Luigi Pantisano Toward barrier height modulation in HfO2/TiN by oxygen scavenging - Dielectric defects or Metal Induced Gap States? Oral
Jubong Park Resistive Switching Characteristics of Ultra-thin TiOx with Carbon-based Selection Device Oral
Timofey Perevalov Electronic and optical properties of hafnia polymorphs Poster
Mihaela Popovici Improved EOT and leakage current for metal-insulator-metal capacitor stacks with rutile TiO2 Oral
Agham Posadas Epitaxial integration of a ferromagnet with Si (100) Oral
Nagarajan Raghavan Evidence for Compliance Controlled Oxygen Vacancy and Metal Filament based Resistive Switching Mechanisms in RRAM Oral
Noel Rodriguez Three-Interface Pseudo-MOSFET Models for Characterization of Ultrathin SOI Wafers Oral
Gabriele Sclauzero Stability and charge transfer at the interface between SiC(0001) and epitaxial graphene Poster
Sonja Sioncke Atomic Layer deposition of Al2O3 on S-passivated Ge. Oral
A. M. Sonnet Remote phonon and surface roughness limited universal electron mobility of In0.53Ga0.47As surface channel MOSFETs Oral
Noriyuki Taoka Quantitative Analysis of Conductance Curves in Al2O3/InP Interfaces Oral
R. Timm Interface composition of atomic layer deposited HfO2 and Al2O3 thin films on InAs studied by X-ray photoemission spectroscopy Oral
Sauveur Tirano Accurate analysis of parasitic current overshoot during forming operation in RRAMs Oral
María Toledano Luque Temperature and voltage dependences of the capture and emission times of individual traps in high-k dielectrics  Oral
Gilberto Umana-Membreno Mobility spectrum analysis of anisotropic electron transport in N-polar GaN/AlGaN heterostructures on vicinal sapphire substrates Oral
Y. Urabe On the Mechanisms Limiting Mobility in InP/InGaAs Buried Channel nMISFETs Oral
Emanuele Verrelli Optimization of Hafnium oxide for use in nanoparticle memories Poster
Damian Walczyk Resistive switching characteristics of 1T1R HfO2-based RRAM in CMOS Oral
Jing Wan Gate-Induced Drain Leakage in FD-SOI devices: What the TFET teaches us about the MOSFET Poster
W Wang Is interfacial chemistry correlated to gap states for high-k/III-V interfaces? Oral
Guobin Wei Impact of Insertion of Ultrathin TaOx Layer at the Pt/TiO2 Interface on Resistive Switching Characteristics Poster
Zong-Hao Ye Improved retention characteristic of charge-trapped flash device with sealing layer/Al2O3 or Al2O3/high-k stacked blocking layers Poster
Chadwin Young Evaluation of the N- and La-induced defects in the High-? Gate Stack using Low Frequency Noise Characterization Oral
Darius Zade Improving electric characteristics of HfO2/In0.53Ga0.47As gate stacks by altering deposition techniques and post deposition anneals Poster
Rui Zhang Impact of GeOx Interfacial Layer Thickness on Al2O3/Ge MOS interface Properties Oral
P. Zhang The Structural and Electrical Properties of the SrTa2O6/In0.53Ga0.47As/InP System Oral