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Keynote speaker
Dr. Kelin Kuhn, INTEL, Director, Advanced Devices Technology, USA; "Moore’s crystal ball: Device physics and technology past the 15nm generation".

Invited speakers
Prof. Ron Schrimpf, Vanderbilt University, USA; "Radiation effects in new materials for nano-devices".
Prof. Jürgen Schubert, Research Center Jülich, Germany; “Ternary rare-earth oxides on Si and higher mobility substrates and their integration as high-k gate dielectrics in MOSFET devices”.
Prof Iain Thayne, University of Glasgow, Scotland; “III-V MOSFETs for beyond 22 nm CMOS and the challenges of silicon compatibility”.
Dr. Lars-Ake Ragnarsson, IMEC, Belgium; "Ultrathin EOT High k/Metal Gate Devices for Future Technologies: Challenges, Achievements and Perspectives".
Dr. Thomas Ernst, CEA-LETI, France; “Advanced silicon nanowires: a technology, transport and interfaces challenges insight”.
Dr. Vincent Huard, STMicroelectronics, France; "Device Reliability: From defects creation to circuit".
Prof. Hyunsang Hwang, Gwangju Institute of of Science and Technology, Korea; “Materials and Process Aspect of Cross-point RRAM”.
Dr Johan Klootwijk, Philips, The Netherlands; "MIM in 3D: dream or reality?".
Prof. Young Kuk, Seoul National University, Korea; “Graphene: from material to devices.
Prof. Luca Larcher, University of Modena, Italy; “Charge Transport in High-k Stacks for Charge-Trapping Memory Applications: a Modeling Perspective”.
Prof. Kin-Leong Pey, Singapore University of Technology and Design; “Physical analysis of breakdown in high-k/metal using TEM/EELS and STM for reliability enhancement”.
Prof. John Robertson, University of Cambridge, England; “Nature of gap states at GaAs - oxide interfaces”.
Dr. Cyrille Le Royer, CEA-LETI, France ; "Interfaces & performances: what future for nanoscale Ge & SiGe based CMOS ?".
Prof. Marco Fanciulli, University of Milano Bicocca and CNR-IMM MDM Lab., Italy; "Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of defects at the dielectric-semiconductor interface: high mobility subtstrates and semiconducting nanowires".