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Dear INFOS’2011 authors,

Your paper will be published in the conference proceedings which will be available at the conference. The proceedings will be published in Microelectronic Engineering (Elsevier journal). The deadline for submission of your final article is 24th February. Notice that this deadline is rigid due to edition constraints.
The papers must be submitted in standard format to MEE, For this, you must log in at the Elsevier Editorial System (EES) dedicated to Microelectronic Engineering journal at

If you have already submitted papers at ELSEVIER as a corresponding author, please use your username and password. If you don’t remember them, EES can send them to your email adress after you provide your first and last names and email address (click “forgot your password ?” on the register web page). If you have not been registered up to now as a corresponding author, you will need to register.
To help you in the submission process, Elsevier provides you with a specific tutorial in “author information” of the MEE home page

In the submission process, you will have to successively fill in with

  • Article Type ( please select : « Special Issue : INFOS 2011 »)
  • Article Title
  • Authors
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Classifications
  • EES Comments
  • Suggest Reviewers (you need to propose 2 reviewers, please choose among INFOS’2011 technical and steering committees, email addresses are given at the end of this letter) 
  • Attached Files ( 4 different types : cover letter, manuscript, figures  and tables)

Then you can view and edit your submission, it will be sent to journal editors only after you have approved it.
Please notice that your manuscript file should include successively your article title, affiliation, abstract, main text, reference and captions. To fit the 4 pages format required for the special issue "INFOS 2011 ", your manuscript should be max 4000 (*) words (i.e. without title, authors and abstract, but incl. References, Figure and table captions), if no figures and tables are included. If you include figures (preferred formats are EPS, TIFF, JPEG ), you are urged to have them as 8x8 cm long maximum size for one column figures. Authors should substract from the 4000 (*) word count 250 words for each one column figure (8x8cm), and 500 words for each double figure (in one column or spanning two columns) without figure caption. Approximately the same word cost is valid for one and two column tables.

INFOS’2011, Technical chair
Charles Leroux

Charles Leroux:

Steering committte:
Valeri Afanas’ev - U. Leuven, B (, Sorin Cristoloveanu – IMEP, F (, Athanasios Dimoulas – Demokritos, G (, Olof Engstrom – Chalmers, S (, Guido Groeseneken – IMEC, B (, Steve Hall - U. Liverpool, GB (, John Robertson - U. Cambridge, GB (, Luca Selmi - U. Udine, I (

Technical program committee
Eduard Cartier – IBM, USA (, Jean Fompeyrine – IBM, CH (, Gérard Ghibaudo – IMEP, F (, Gabriella Ghidini – Micron, I (, Marc Heyns – IMEC, B ( , Paul Hurley – Tyndall, IRL (, Daniele. Ielmini - Pol. Milano, I (, Hiroshi Iwai - U. Tokyo, J (, Young Kuk - U. Seoul, K (, Charles Leroux – LETI, F (, Paul Mc Intyre - U. Stanford, USA (, Bogdan Majkusiak - U. Warsaw, P (, Siegfried Mantl – IBN, G (, Enrique Miranda - U. Barcelona, SP (, Alfredo Pasquarello – EPFL, CH (

(*) the limit of 4000 words for the paper length is extended to 8000 for invited and keynotes papers.