eVaderis gets influx of fresh capital

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Published : 6 February 2017

Grenoble-based startup eVaderis has raised funds from Starquest Capital, one of France’s most active innovation-focused investment firms, and from CEA Investissement. Since eVaderis was founded in 2014, the company has been working closely with Spintec and has received financial support from Bpifrance.

eVaderis develops design attributes based on resistive non-volatile memory technologies (STT-MRAM, ReRAM) to achieve a balance between electronic component performance and ultra-low-power requirements. The solutions include eliminating sleep mode, storing data on button batteries, and energy-harvesting systems. The company is targeting the IoT, sensor network, smart card, security, mobile medical device, mobile telephone, and automotive markets.


Contact: jean-pascal.bost@evaderis.com

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