Monoclonal antibodies the subject of PhD research at Sanofi and LMGP

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Published : 6 December 2021

A Cifre-financed Phd research project is investigating how monoclonal antibodies and the surfactants that stabilize them interact with the surfaces of tubes, mixing bags, syringes, and other containers. The research, which started this year, is being conducted at Sanofi and LMGP, and is building on an earlier PhD dissertation on this complex topic. Monoclonal antibodies, which are proteins, tend to adsorb very quickly onto the surfaces they come into contact with.
Surfactants can limit this phenomenon, helping maintain the monoclonal antibodies’ efficacy. The PhD candidate’s research will focus on understanding the adsorption process and determining which materials are most compatible. For LMGP, the project represents a rare opportunity step away from model proteins and work on a pharmaceutical company’s “real” ones.

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