Advanced tandem time of flight mass spectrometry for microelectronic applications

Published : 1 October 2019

The CEA LETI seeks to recruit a post-doctoral researcher to work on the development of advanced time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry applications (TOF-SIMS). The candidate will work on a new TOF-SIMS instrument equipped with tandem MS spectrometry, in-situ FIB and Argon cluster sputtering. The research project will be focused around the following topics

• Developing methods to correlate TOF-SIMS with AFM, XPS and Auger

• Improving the sensitivity and efficiency of fragmention of the tandem MS spectrometer

• Developing 3D FIB-TOF-SIMS applications and improving the spatial resolution.

The candidate will also have access to the wide range of state of the art instruments present on the nanocharacterisation platform as well as bespoke samples coming from the advanced technology branches developed at the LETI. The candidate will also benefit from a collaboration with the instrument supplier.

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