Characterization and Modeling of epitaxial leakage current and trapping effects in GaN on Si substrates

Published : 11 January 2019

Understand and model the leakage current in the epitaxial structure as well as the trapping effects in GaN on Si substrates remain critical to optimize efficiently the final device (HEMT or Diode) dynamic behavior. Current collapse, OFF state and Breakdown voltage are directly related to the quality of the GaN on Si substrate. Up to now, only partial explanation of the leakage mechanims are reported and hardly modeled. Plus the direct correlation between current collapse and substrate leakage is not so obvious.

The postdoctoral position will consist on :

Advanced electrical characterization (IV, I(t), Susbtrate ramping, C(V)…) at different temperature and illumination conditions will be performed on epitaxial layers or final devices.

Extracted parameters and data will be analyzed thouroughly to deduce the predominant condutction mechanisms in the different layers of the epitaxial stack.

TCAD modeling will be used to fit experimental data thanks to relevant extrated parameters.

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