compact models development for Qbit

Published : 4 June 2018

The Compact / SPICE model is the link between the development of technological bricks and circuit design. The model purpose is to accurately reproduce the experimental characteristics essential to digital, analog and mixed circuit design. Thus, the extraction parameters corresponding to the electrical characterization.

The main challenge is to be able to describe the quantum behavior of this architecture. It will also be necessary to study if this behavior must be described via the physical quantities (eg electronic spin, energy level …) or by logical quantities (quantum state, matrix of transformation, …). It will also be necessary to take into account the compatibility between the mathematical formalism and the standard tools of compact modeling (through Verilog-A description).

In view of the few devices available to compare these modeling choices with reality, this first step should explore the issues of pure modeling and software tools.

During the project, depending on the availability of new QuBits devices, these first versions of compact models can be compared and enhanced to improve modeling methodology (in correlation with experimental data).

This work will build on the shared skills of LSM and LICL (and collaboration with INCAC), and their habit of working together.

The candidate should have deep understanding of Qbit (experimental and / or theoretical) and if possible a knowledge of SPICE, NEGF or TCAD in their CMOS point of view.

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