Design of a power integrated circuit using GaN on Si, characterization, implementation.

Published : 19 April 2017

The objective is to propose an innovative solution to supply low voltage electronics (3 to 12VDC) or to charge accumulators, using industrial alternating voltages (230VAC / 400VAC). This type of device should benefit greatly from the contribution of integrated passive technologies and the possibilities offered by the ASICs developed at Leti, in particular GaN ASICs. This research program is part of the Leti’s ‘power roadmap’. From the state of the art and concepts envisaged by CEA researchers, the post-doctoral student will have to imagine an original solution, to design it and then to characterize the prototype. The research program involves other academic partners, which allows the post-doctoral student to immerse himself in an upstream research context. An industrial application has been identified. The post-doctoral student will be encouraged to enrich the subject with additional functions in the control (regulation) at very high frequency, the transmission of isolated signals via the converter or any other proposals.

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