Development of a bimodal Brillouin-Raman microscope for biological tissue characterization

Published : 11 January 2019

The Laboratory of Physics of Cytoskeleton and Morphogenesis (LPCV) at CEA Grenoble has an opening for setting up and characterizing a novel bioimaging modality combining Brillouin and Raman Spectroscopy. This is an interdisciplinary project between LPCV and the Laboratory of Imaging and Acquisition Systems (LISA) of CEA Grenoble. Brillouin microscopy allows non-invasive measurements of the visco-elastic properties of cells and tissue on the micrometer scale, while Raman microscopy gives complementary biochemical information. Such measurements have applications in the study of cytoskeleton organization, and for novel diagnostic tools based on following early mechanical and biochemical tissue alterations.

The postdoctoral scholar will be responsible for developing and coupling a Brillouin spectrometer to the Raman micro-spectrometer of LISA. This includes optical system development, instrument control and numerical data processing. He/She will characterize the instrument on model systems prepared at LPCV, and move forward to first in-cellulo experiments. The successful candidate is expected to coordinate the interaction between LPCV and LISA.

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