Electrodes Development for Perovskites based Spectrometric Imagers

Published : 11 September 2019

The optronics department of CEA/LETI has a solid expertise in the development of new X-ray and gamma imaging modules including a semiconductor or scintillator detector combined with readout electronics in the fields of medical imaging or safety.

The post-doctoral research activities will be focused on the development of all the technological steps to move from perovskite crystal to the detection device. The aim will be to optimize the nature of the electrodes, interfaces and deposition process in order to block the dark current, effectively collect photo-generated charges and guarantee the electrical stability of the devices. The objective is to develop a small prototype of pixelated spectrometric imagers.

Expertise on perovskite materials or electrode deposition would be of interest. The results obtained will be fundamental for the understanding of the physics of perovskite single crystal interfaces and for the development of advanced perovskite-based radiation detectors.

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