nanophotonics applied to ultrasensitive biomolecular detection

Published : 20 August 2019

This project proposes to develop an array of highly sensitive and specific detectors, based on nanowire photodetectors to target single molecule detection (SMD) and biological analysis applications involving a protocol without amplification. Nanowire arrays have the potential to improve the detection limit of DNA strands functionalized with quantum dots markers, without the need for amplification. They are CMOS compatible and will allow ultra-compact integration.

Thanks to their fast response and the ability to create dense arrays over large areas, nanowire photodetector are therefore an interesting approach to detecting rare events (SMD). Nanowire geometry is an interesting approach to optimize the speed-response trade-off.

The first objective of this project will be to explore the physical mechanisms that determine the performance of semiconductor nanowire photodetectors at the level of a single nanowire and then on an array of nanowire photodetectors. The biofunctionalization of this array and its hybridization with labelled DNA strands will be explored.

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