Nouvelle approche de conception circuits et systèmes en optimisation conjointe avec des technologies en rupture

Published : 15 July 2019

The objective of this contract is to validate and improve a new system and circuit optimisation approach on different application areas. The candidate will be in charge of creating the architectural model taking into account the different solutions that can be used, starting from the simplest implementation and then adding gradually complexity and precision to the models. The purpose will be to compare the result of the analysis approach to the value obtained on existing systems developped in CEA. For that purpose, the candidate will be jointly working with numerous teams working on technology development, technology modeling and characterization, circuit design and lastly system modeling. To validate the proposed approach, the objective of the candidate will be to test it on three different levels: at basic building block level (lna, ring oscillator) using 22 FDX technology, at function level (front-end module for WiFi) using 130nm PD-SOI and lastly for imagers and mmw radars using 3D technology.

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