Simulation of semimetal nanowires

Published : 11 January 2019

The candidate’s mission will be:

• Simulation using ab-initio tools of the structure of bismuth nanowire bands of different diameters (from 1 nm to 10 nm).

• Extraction of parameters as effective masses, density of states, band offsets for these nanowires.

• Implementation of these parameters in a NEGF simulator to simulate bismuth nanowire transistors with variable diameter.

• Ab-initio simulation of the bismuth-dielectric nanowire interface and study of various elements of chemical passivation.

• This work will be done in collaboration with LETI / DCOS / SCME / LSIM (Philippe Blaise)

• The candidate will interact with an experimental team that will produce the simulated devices and will help to supervise one or more doctoral students, in collaboration with IMEP.

• The candidate will interact with the LTM to help predict the properties of the grid bismuth-insulator interface and implement the IMEP results in the simulator.

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