µ-LEDs based on nitride semiconductors in semi-polar orientation

Published : 8 February 2020

GaN-based microLEDs are on the verge to revolutionize the display world, on one hand providing ultra-high brightness microdisplays for augmented reality applications, on the other hand paving the way for large area displays with unrivaled image quality.

Blue-emitting LEDs based on nitride semiconductors exhibit good efficiency, however it is not the case for green and red ones, for which external quantum efficiency does not exceed a few percent. The main reasons are related to the existing growth techniques, which induce high polarization field and high level of crystalline defects.

We propose a novel GaN growth technique which will allow to fabricate microleds with improved efficiency both in blue, green and red.

The objective of the thesis is first to investigate and improve the growth conditions in order to obtain GaN Led epilayers for blue, green and red emission with better crystalline quality. The objective is also to fabricate and characterize GaN microleds in order to verify the improvement at the device level.

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