3D imaging module with integrated optics

Published : 8 February 2020

3D sensing by capturing depth images, is a key function in numerous emerging applications such as facial recognition, augmented reality, robotics or drones. CEA targets the development of an innovative 3D sensing module, inspired from Lidar, and including various innovative components, from the coherent optical source to the photo-detector. The proposed PhD will focus on the definition of an integrated optics architecture coupled to an optical imaging system, optical simulation with internal code or commercial software, fabrication in micro-electronic clean-room, electro-optical characterization of individual components, computing of algorithms for signal or image processing, and demonstration of the whole system, for its miniaturization and integration for example in mobile devices such as a smartphone. The work will be performed in close collaboration with a research team that will develop in parallel a first version of the system in free space. A transfer to the industry is targeted in the end.

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