5G mmW integrated BiDirectional TRX for hybrid and digital beamforming system

Published : 8 February 2020

This thesis addresses the topic of compact, low-cost millimeter wave transceiver in the context of the new coming 5G FR2. Indeed, a considerable number of chips and an area-efficient design will be necessary for hybrid and digital MIMO beamforming. However, conventional transceiver designs use switch-based bidirectional approach with one Tx and one Rx working alternatively in time duplex. For this reason, bi-directional transceiver completely sharing amplifiers and matching networks between the transmitter and the receiver is proposed. Additionally, bidirectional phase shifter, quadrature mixer and baseband amplifier will be studied and design offering a complete solution for hybrid and digital beamforming architecture. The thesis study will cover the architecture, the design and the measurement of such blocs in standalone and the full transceiver. The awaited innovation will encompass several aspect: bidirectional front-end compatible with hybrid configuration, mmW digital beamforming compatible, LO multiplication and local quadrature generation, CMOS SOI process. This phd research will give the opportunity to work in cross-scientific disciplinary from millimeter wave to baseband design and transceiver system architecture offering a very large panel of experiences and competencies.

The thesis will take place in the CEA Leti institute under the supervision of Mr Martineau Dr and Mr Belot Hab. The publication in journals and international conferences will be encouraged and facilitated.

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