Bio sensir using near field propagation of millimeter waves

Published : 8 February 2020

In the context of new bio-medical applications, we propose to use solutions from the radio-frequency domain, namely using millimeter wave systems, which had to radiate with nearfield antenna. Depending on the antenna neighborhood, the behavior of the radiated wave changes with its frequency and amplitude. This PhD aims to detecte physiological parameters using this signature of the environnement at different wavelength, signal amplitude and even signal shape (chirp). This physiological parameter could be the sweat, the hartbeat, melanoma, but not only. Target frequency could be from 20GHz to 120GHz which are easy for CMOS integration. From an existing study, the PhD student will have to developpe an accurate solution, which could be based on the antenna impedance variation due to the environement (Power Amplifier output impedance modification tracking) or the analysis of the reflected signal thought a polar receiver (radar mode).

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