Brillouin microspectroscopy for 3D cell microculture

Published : 8 February 2020

3D cell cultures are in-vitro models that are increasingly used for fundamental research, as well as for novel clinical and therapeutic applications. There is evidence that the biomechanical properties of these cellular structures are intricately linked with physiological parameters such as viability, fonctionality and response to treatment for instance. Brillouin Light Scattering Microscopy (µBLS) is an emerging technique in bioimaging for measuring the viscoelastic properties at the micrometer scale. It relies on the analysis of the light inelastically scattered by the phonons propagating in the medium, in the Brillouin scattering process. The goal of this PhD thesis is to develop an innovative µBLS system for the monitoring of 3D microcultures, and go towards the proof of concept that the mechanical properties measured in BLS may be used to infer the physiological parameters of interest. The PhD student will work on a custom state of the art µBLS instrument built in the Laboratory for bioimaging systems (LSIV), at CEA Leti in Grenoble, France, and will experiment with several types of 3D cultures, to demonstrate the capabilities of this new approach. Candidates with a strong background in optics, biophysics, experimental physics, or electrical engineering, and who are keen of biomedical application of technology are encouraged to apply.

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