Design and fabrication of miniaturized wireless-powered sensors on flexible substrate

Published : 15 July 2019

The goal of this thesis is to develop a Wireless-powered sensors on flexible substrate. The measured quantity can be the pressure, the temperature, the acceleration, the strain, the magnetic field etc. The M&NEMS technology developed by the CEA-LETI could meet the demands of extreme miniaturization, ultra-low consumption, high performances and low cost.

In order to identify the more suitable M&NEMS sensors a comparative study of the available sensors will be performed. The criteria will include the pairing with an RF antenna for circuit alimentation and information transmission.

The fabrication of the sensor, the antenna and its electronics will be performed on a flexible substrate which will be chosen in function of the application. This work will rely on the Systems Department (DSYS) at CEA-LETI for the design of the antenna and on the packaging 3D laboratory (LP3D) for the fabrication on the flexible substrate.

An innovative actuation principle based on the thermopiezoresistive back-action effect will also be examined in function of the integrated sensor.

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