Design, fabrication and characterization of microlasers for data communications

Published : 14 February 2020

Needs for high speed datacommunications has increased tremendously these last years. Optical links, usually used for long distance communications, are now used for shorter distances in data centers, for instance between racks or within a rack. Components for Si photonics are excellent candidates for these short distances communications has there are low cost and highly performant. Moreover, CMOS fabrication environment brings excellent fabrication yield, and test/packaging capabilities. Nevertheless, Si, being an indirect bandgap material, cannot emit light, thus, laser are generally fabricated using a IIIV material (direct bandgap material, i. e. InP) added to the Si photonics circuit. CEA/Leti expertise in transfer layer technologies is used to bond IIIV material on Si photonics circuits leading to fully integrated devices. This phD work aims at developing new solutions for the design and fabrication of micro lasers adapted to very short communications (inter or intra dies). These new devices relie on a CMOS compatible fabrication process flow and original design. The phD student will be in charge of (i) microlasers design using the available softwares in the laboratory, (ii) microlasers fabrication relying on CEA/Leti technological platform and (iii) electro-optically characterization of these new components.

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