Development of a micro loudspeaker with optimized performances

Published : 8 October 2019

The CEA-LETI develop for more than 20 years a deep knowledge on thin-film piezoelectric materials and technologies. We are able to design and realize high performances Pb(Zr0.52,Ti0.48)O3 (PZT) actuators. In particular, we already designed and patented a piezoelectric engine with a high efficiency, working at lower voltage compared to the objects coming from the state of the art. This actuator can potentially generate high force or large deformation. We proposed to use piezoelectric actuators to develop a loudspeaker, lighter and more comfortable, for a given autonomy compared to existing system, or with a higher autonomy for a given volume. We aim to develop a hybrid loudspeaker composed of a high performances piezoelectric actuator and a polymer membrane able to generate low frequencies. The loudspeaker packaging and integration must be taking into account since the beginning of the thesis, in order to make possible the realization of a demonstrator that will be integrated in the CEA showroom.

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