Development of SOT-MRAM cell with perpendicular anisotropy

Published : 15 July 2019

The miniaturization of components, essential to the improvement of electronic circuits, comes along with an increase of power consumption. The necessity to replace today’s technologies of memory components by more power-efficient technologies favored the development of Magnetic Random Access Memories (MRAM).

The Spin-Transfer Torque MRAM (STT-MRAM) technology looks promising in terms of performance but does not allow the replacement of the fastest memories. The SPINTEC laboratory has been working since 2010 on an innovative concept called SOT-MRAM, in which data writing is performed by a physical phenomenon called “spin-orbit torques”, aiming to develop ultrafast (GHz) embedded memories.

However, some major technological challenges remain to be met to achieve the final goal : industrialization of the SOT-MRAM technology. In this context the Antaios company was created in 2017. This PhD will be focused on the development of SOT-MRAM bitcells with a perpendicular configuration of the magnetization. The goal of the project is to make this configuration deterministic while keeping good characteristics (speed, stamina, retention…).

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