Development of superconducting single photon detectors and receiver circuits for quantum communications

Published : 8 February 2020

Quantum information processing turns out to be a major challenge for our society with the development of quantum computers, able to solve complex problems much more rapidly than a classical computer, and of quantum communications providing absolute security for information transfer.

The development of integrated technologies is essential for the future large-scale deployment of compact and low-cost quantum information systems. CEA-Leti has been developing for several years a silicon photonics platform, providing integrated components and circuits for various applications such as telecom/datacom, lidars and more recently quantum communications.

The objective of this PhD is in a first step to design, fabricate in the Leti clean room and characterize a new generation of advanced superconducting quantum detectors on Silicon able to detect single photons with above 90% efficiency. In a second step, these detectors will be integrated into secure quantum communication circuits. This PhD will benefit from collaborations with academic laboratories in France and in Europe.

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