Domain wall propagation in Mn4N thin films

Published : 15 July 2019

Rare-earth-based ferromagnetic materials with perpendicular anisotropy have recently attracted a large interest for spintronic applications. Indeed, their low magnetization value allows reducing the critical currents required to induce magnetization switching, using either spin-torques or spin-orbit torques.

We will study current-induced domain wall motion in an alternative system without rare-earth, Mn4N/STO. We have already shown that this system exhibits astonishing properties: a giant and previously unseen magnetic domain structure, at the millimeter length scale, with full remanence, scarce nucleation and a sharp magnetization switching. These properties, associated to a very small magnetization and a large perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, underline the potential of Mn4N/STO layers for spintronics applications. The domain wall propagation will be studied using MOKE and transport experiments. The sample growth will be done in Japan.

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